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Art Atlas is a crowd-sourced archival and documentation system for public art around the world built by Vast Yonder. The project was made possible through the funding received as part of the 2016 Brisbane City Council Innovation Award, Art Atlas has grown from a simple concept into a worldwide platform for street artists and admirers to display their own works and explore appreciated pieces in a geographic context.


Users can contribute to the crowd-sourced catalogue by uploading images of public artworks they discover with geographic reference on Art Atlas’s world map, making it possible for other users to either browse a city’s dappled works online or find the physical work within their local proximity.

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The system allows for artists to build a catalogue of their work which provides them a platform to share their portfolio in a way previously unavailable, ultimately creating a worldwide public art library which allows artists to gain recognition throughout the globe. For a medium that is often ephemeral the Art Atlas provides an archival system that can recognise artworks long after they have been painted over or removed.

Art Atlas is live on the Apple App Store and Google Play, growing through increasing numbers of artists and art devotees uploading fresh content and our developers are continuing to improve the system.

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