Hive / Bienenstock

Queensland University of Technology / Robotronica

Project & Event Management, Technical Implementation, Creative Technology.

2015 & 2017

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The Robotronica Hive is an interactive crowd-sourced video project for obtaining visual content to be viewed in almost real-time through a large scale video installation and online via the website. It is designed to collect and archive video content from an event or location to act as an interactive documentation system.

Festival attendees capture and upload video content from their personal experiences of an event which is then shared via a large scale video installation during the event and on a website which can remain as an online archive of the event.


This system was originally developed by a collaboration between Ars Electronica (AT) and QUT (AU) with further development commissioned by QUT for the Robotronica Festival in 2015. Vast Yonder produced the 2015 iteration and the 2017 iteration at the Robotronica event.

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